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The digital revolution, with the shooting popularity of social media and digital marketing, brings a huge growth in the need for original and regularly updated content across several channels. That’s why at BeTranslated we offer flexible translation services at affordable prices, perfectly tailored to your online content needs.

Our translation agency offers bespoke translation solutions to help you produce quality content targeted towards markets in Belgium, Italy, China, or any country of your choice. Our professional translators localize your online content or website into English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German, as well as many Asian, Scandinavian and Eastern-European languages.

Translation of blog articles into your chosen language

We understand how important it is to regularly update your blog with quality content. You will no doubt soon appreciate the benefits of counting on a professional language service provider to provide translations for all your online commercial activity.

At BeTranslated, we regularly translate content intended for newsletters, blog articles or texts to be published on social media. Our providers are experienced professionals in SEO and will help you meet your publication goals punctually and efficiently.

Send us your content to be translated in a MS Word or HTML file, or exported into the format of your choice (.po, .xliff, .csv or .xml). We will then work with you to agree on a deadline on which we will deliver your expertly translated content.

Our team is always prepared to handle a large variety of file formats. In the case of more complex formats, we work together to find the best solution to integrate the translation with your workflow and content management. Contact us for a free translation quote or to find out more information about our online content translation services.