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Best car polish and car wax to buy

We all agree on this, whether we are a professional or an amateur in the automotive sector, we all love to ride with a car body that shines. Using polish on his vehicle may raise mutilple reaction, sometimes negative, because it is true that some products can degrade paint.

But to avoid this, simply use the right car polish! Some are very effective, easy to use, and achieve a perfect result in no time. Find below our tips.

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When to use the polish?

The polish can be used for various reasons: to erase traces or strokes, to make your car body shine or to reduce scratches for example. In any case, the polish can be used as soon as you feel the need, but carefully.

Which polish to choose for your car?

There are different forms of polish, including 3M polishing paste and Meguiar’s Ultime wax. These are the two products we will talk about below.

3M polishing paste

1erThis product is one of the most effective you will find on the market, and is among the most appreciated by users and especially auto professionals. As a matter of fact, this 3M polishing paste is very easy to apply, whether directly with the hand or with a microfiber tissu.

It reduces scratches and shine the car body in no time. Note that it is suitable for all vehicle colors, but especially on clear paints.

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✓ Ideal to remove sanding grooves on the car body.
✓ 3M quality – Does not contain silicone”]

Wax Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer

numéro 2The second polish that we invite you to discover, is in the form of wax, and is called the Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer. It is intended for people who simply want to maintain the body of their vehicle, but do not wish to purchase expensive product.

Indeed, this product offers an ideal price-performance ratio, and a remarkable efficiency over time. Note, however, that if you are looking for a professional product, you will have to turn to the polishing paste.

[aawp box=”B001B0VDI6″ title=”Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer” description=”✓ Car spray that boosts the shine of the car body and protects from micro scratches
✓ Hydrophobic Polymer Technology that repels water and is reinforced with wax
✓ Does not make any marks on plastics and can be applied directly under the sun
✓ Sublime the depth of color and shine – totally guaranted !”]

How to make a good polish car?

Once you have found the product that suits you, you have to get it done. But then, how to make a good polish car ? Don’t worry, here are our tips !

First of all, you should know that it is recommended to work in a shady space, so that the outer part of the vehicle is cold.

car polisher

Once settled, with all your accessories within your reach, start by cleaning your car with a karcher, then let it dry.
Then, apply the polish on the entire surface and remove the excess if necessary.

For the application, you can do it directly with the hand or with a suitable wipe and even with a car polisher.

It is available on the internet for about 50£ and is equipped with a safety switch, a stop ring to preselect the speed, and a handle for easy transport. It is sold with a wide range of accessories: polishing discs, sponges, polish, and carrying case.

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✓ 180 degree rotating handle with 1200 watt power
✓ 5 car polishing sponges + 1 backing plate 150mm + one 180mm backing and sanding disc
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This machine works alone and is the simplest solution. Be advised that regularly, you can put wax to maintain the polish you have applied before.

Some additional information

Finally, here are some additional informations regarding car polish. It must be known that the sun can accelerate the drying of the polish. Thus, sun rays can deteriorate the paint of your vehicle. If your car is often parked outside and exposed to direct sunlight, it is strongly recommended to frequently apply a spray polish.

In addition to that, dark colored cars are difficult to maintain because scratches can be very visible. Therefore, we advise you to use a suitable polish. Lastly, it should be known that old cars, if they have been neglected, will be more difficult to catch up. If the vehicle has notches, it is better to use a professional polish.

We hope we have been able to help you and guide you in your choice of polish, and that you will quickly find the one that suit you best. Do not hesitate to contact a professional in this field, who will answer your questions if necessary.

Top 5 best car polishes

Here are for us the 5 best auto body renovators that will provide exceptional shine to your car and will make the small scratches of your car body leave. Professional products but can be used by anybody.

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