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Sim manager: control your IoT network

In recent years, companies have developed new ways of running their businesses. Thus, they have got into the habit of relying on IoT network to get remote cellular connectivity. IoT network is associated with IoT SIM cards and makes it possible for interconnected devices to communicate between each other without any human involvement. However, you will need, as a company, a SIM manager to control your IoT network. This article tells you what it consists in.

Administrate your SIMs

When using IoT SIM cards, you have the possibility to get all information which is relevant to them. It includes:

  • What IoT Tariff is really applied;
  • The real SIM status: non-active / active at the level of the network as well as Billing status;
  • What amount of data a specific IoT SIM is presently using;
  • In which machine your IoT SIM is fixed and where the machine is located.

You will just need to make a single click to be given a view of the different relevant details concerning your IoT SIMs, the same way M2M Sim manager can help you do it on Matooma. With those details, it will be easy for you to establish branches, departments, sites, groups as well as customers and get SIM contacts stored.

Manage your device

Apart from SIM card management, you have the possibility to manage hardware when you are using IoT SIM cards. You can allocate SIMs to critical devices in order to know which ones of them are absorbing the most significant amount of data. In case a large part of your data is being absorbed, you can identify rogue devices within a couple of seconds.

As well, devices are likely to be allocated to individuals or groups, helping you know whether devices are misused. With IoT devices, updating SIM statuses, viewing data usage reports and administrating devices will be a cinch.

Fit your requirements

As a company, when you sell a connected product, you have to cover all needs of the various organizations which are implied within the value chain. This includes Product Management, Systems Integration, Production, Product Design, Billing, Maintenance, Installation, Logistics and more. Each of them has its specific requirements related to business processes and information-flow. IoT SIM cards’ management helps you identify the responsibilities between diverse organizations who proceed with the execution of these activities.

The products offered will then be built and scheduled in-house, designed by external organizations, shared across partners and conserved by inland service providers. A SIM-Management portal allows you to freely define users, customers and Organizational Units.

Consequently, you’ll be able to administrate User rights and Organizations, in accordance with the activities which have to be executed by all parties involved within the Value Chain. Naturally, this is valid for both people in different automated business processes and organizations probably hosted with the help of IT Systems, which prove as well to be in diverse organizations.

Have your ideal business’ solution

By managing your IoT SIM cards, your sim manager makes it possible for you to get your own private instance at the level of a private or public Cloud. You should then not remove such a professional’s phone number from sim card. You can then administrate by yourselves your SIMs and services. You have the possibility to define new levels, where your relationships along with further Organizational units are likely to be defined as well as managed. As a company, you can then allocate SIM-Cards to the subsequent organizations and levels.

Details related to the SIM Cards, Security Settings, tariffs, Usage Profiles, Rules for allocating IP-Addresses, Information concerning the consumption and usage, Notifications or Device Management Functions etc., can be defined individually and administrated from multiple SIMs to a single one.

Ensure security and control of your SIM estate

Fighting against the misuse of data appears most of the time to be something hard to achieve. When managing IoT SIM cards, you can access, thanks to different management platforms, some cloud-based content filters likely to be allocated to groups of SIMs or individual SIMs. By defining black or white lists, you have the ability to block or permit specific URLs or IP addresses. This feature gives you the possibility to implement all M2M solutions without any compromise on unnecessary data consumption and system integrity. Finally, content filters will avoid charges related to data’s over usage.

Analysis reports about your specified black and white lists are a management tool that offers you the capacity to monitor your devices and equipment’s behavior. You’ll then have visibility on the IP addresses and URLs your machines are trying to reach, and also the ones they have reached already. Black and white lists will get enhanced over time when you supplement and take off criteria, making minimal data consumption possible. Protecting your removable SIM estate’s data flow is important in any IoT or M2M application, that is the reason why numerous lists are likely to be applied to groups of SIMs or individual SIM cards.