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Online newspaper vs classic newspaper : differences

The love for news, knowledge, and information are always on the rise. The only difference these days seem to be how it’s gotten. Printed news or e-news? Online newspaper or classic newspaper? The argument for one or the other is fast becoming a cliché. While they can do without each other, they are not mutually exclusive.

Some people have a surreal fascination for newspapers that see them cling to the fine print. For others, innovations such as the internet and search engines have them coming for more. In other words, contrasting newspaper print and online is like a battle between the young and old. Differences abound. From style to source and much more. But what advantages and disadvantages make the two unique? Let’s find out.


This is a quality that makes papers online or in print stand out. Online newspapers are generally easy to get to. Most times you’re a click away from the latest news in the world. It’s virtually at the palm of your hand. Classic newspapers, most often have to be delivered to your preferred location. Imagine being pressed for time and still having to wait for your paper! With your device, you could meet-up with any news.

Economic Viability

How does each affect your pocket? That great feeling of having a paper in your hands and the whiff of scent counts. The catch is, you still have to pay for them. If paying for printed news wasn’t much of a bother then, it is now. This is because online news is free. A huge advantage. You only need a good connection to keep yourself updated. The price for printed news is rather small but readers would pick up a free tab than pay for one.


One major advantage of the classic newspaper is its accountability. Its sources of information are accurate and firmly founded. Everything printed goes through a thorough verification process. The same cannot be said of online news. Even though they mirror their printed counterparts, they are less likely to pass through such processes. Sources linked to printed news are easier to find out.

Interactions with general readers

Online newspapers have a great advantage here. Readers online have the opportunity to take part in opinion polls. They can comment on a wide number of issues. The results are almost instant. It’s different for printed news. They do give chances for readers to interact, but this takes valuable time. Feedbacks on a comment or opinion poll may take several editions. Online readers also interact with each other. Unless you’re in a coffee bar, your opinions remain yours to keep with a printed paper.

Advertising and content

You’re more likely to get a job from a printed newspaper. Online papers, not so much. Local job postings are usually carried by local newspapers. Online advertising is often intrusive. Readers find auto-play features and many clicks annoying. Printed contents appear detailed and informative. Online versions try to keep you hooked. They do this by being brief and concise.

In conclusion

Classic newspapers have survived this long for a reason. People still read and value them. Online newspapers seem to be on the up and up. You may have to choose at some point. For now, enjoy both of them.