About us

Nextag.co.uk is a webzine that offers product comparisons on hundreds of everyday use items. Our team of writers compares, writes and gives you its opinion on articles ranging from cosmetic products to home appliances, including DIY, sports or cars.

Team Next

How does Nextag.co.uk work?

Our team meets one day per week to define topics for weekly product comparisons. We take into account the expectations and needs of Internet users to choose the themes of our guides.

The members of our team are responsible for comparing reviews and testing products before submitting it to you. They are also looking for other’s advices to enrich the website.

Our primary goal is to provide useful advice and tips on everyday use products. We enrich our tests with everyone’s opinions and experiences. On Nextag.co.uk, the floor is yours. Feel free to submit a comparison or to propose a guide topic on our contact page.

How is the portal funded?

First, we want to make it clear that we do not work with or for the brand we mention in our comparisons. To ensure objectivity, we do not receive free products, financial compensation, gifts, or benefits of any kind when presenting a product of service.


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Our model is based on affiliation. Indeed, you will find direct access to tested product on merchant sites like Amazon in our guides. For you, this has no impact on the product or its price, it remains unchanged. In return, if you buy this particular product through our link, we will receive a small commission on the amount of your purchase.

How to help the community?

You can help our buying community by submitting your opinion on one of our product comparisons. Be it positive or negative, we publish all opinions and experiences offered by our users.

You can propose your own comparison or tested product. If you ordered a product and you feel ready to share your experience and your opinion on it, please send your article.

Finally, if you like our work and want it to be known, do not hesitate to check our social networks and share our opinions, comparatives and tests on Facebook or Twitter.