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Best sat navs : best satnav for your car

There is a wide range of sat navs available now on the market. So, to make a choice is not very simple. Indeed, between the size of the screen which may varies, the voice recognition, the Bluetooth mode, the connected services, and all the features, making a choice turns out to be more complicated. That’s why we decided to write an article about it.

Top 3 : the best sat navs

TomTom Start 25 : the high-end

TomTom START 25MThe first device in our selection is the TomTom Start 25m satnav. It is one of the most popular products today, which is efficient and above all, very reliable. Affordable, and easy to use, it is a device that includes a 13-centimeters touch screen. The driver will be able to follow his route without any stress thanks to 3D mapping and clearly displayed traffic signs.

For a stress-free trip, danger zones are indicated in real time and map updates are offered 4 times a year free of charge and unlimited for life. The traffic information function keeps an eye on the state of road traffic and automatically adapts your itinerary if necessary.

When you exceed the speed limit, TomTom Start 25M alerts you. With its large database of points of interest, the device can even show you nearby car parks. In addition, to reduce fuel consumption, an economical mode is implemented and a menu called “Help me” is available. Finally, it should be noted that the machine includes maps of 23 countries in Western and Central Europe so that you can use your GPS in all your destinations in France and abroad.

8% Discount

TomTom Stat 25 GPS Device - Size 5 Inches

TomTom Stat 25 GPS Device | Size 5 Inches

✓ Europe maps with 48 countries listed with free and unlimited update for life
✓ TomTom Traffic technology on integrated SIM card: All the traffic in real time on your GPS
✓ Unlimited warning of dangerous areas for fixed and mobile
✓ Programmable wireless call function : your calls in HD audio quality on your Tomtom

Garmin DriveSmart 51LMT 5 inch : the challenger

Garmin DriveSmart 51LMTThe Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT sat nav is a unit with a very large display, measuring 17.7 centimeters in dual orientation (7 inches). It is a complete product that informs the driver of danger zones, real-time traffic and nearby car parks thanks to its connected functions. The maps can be updated with a Wi-Fi connection.

Garmin offers four free services on this car GPS for life : unlimited map updates, traffic information to know in real time the traffic situation, mobile and fixed danger zones, as well as nearby parking spaces.

Equipped with a Bluetooth connection, this Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT allows you to synchronize your smartphone to receive and make calls. The device is also able to read your emails and SMS vocally thanks to its high quality speakerphone. To update your device’s maps, the Wi-Fi connection allows you to do so without having to connect the GPS to a computer. With a large database, the Garmin integrates millions of points of interest including gas stations, car parks, restaurants and more.

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Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S - Size 7 inches

Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S – Size 7 inches

✓ Maps for 45 countries listed via free Wi-Fi
✓ Real time traffic on your GPS and re-evaluate live routes
✓ Touch screen size : 7 inches | Millions of points of interest
✓ Hands-free calls, voice commands and the best addresses with Tripadvisor

TomTom Start 52 : covers all areas of danger

tomtom start 52Let’s complete this selection with the latest car sat nav in our comparison, the TomTom Start 52. It is a portable navigation device that offers free lifetime mapping updates and allows you to find your itinerary in no time. Its 3D views make it easy to find your way around the environment around you.

It is a device that offers a 4.3-inch touch screen (about 11 centimeters diagonal). It has an unbeatable price-quality ratio with a selling price below 100 Euro. Featuring the latest essential TomTom technologies, it is ideal for consumers looking for an affordable and convenient car GPS. It should be noted that as for his brothers, the updates are free and unlimited for life.

With its 8GB internal memory (microSD slot available), the device includes dozens of maps from European countries. The design of the maps makes it possible to anticipate exits and intersections, in order to know clearly which path to choose. Danger zones are included and can be updated free of charge for 3 months after purchase.

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Satnav TomTom Start 25 - Screen 5

Satnav TomTom Start 25 – Screen 5

✓ 5 inch touch screen, 209g weight only and covers 12 countries
✓ Indication of speed limits | Lifetime TomTom Traffic via smartphone
✓ Indications of temporary and permanent danger zones 100% legal (fixed and mobile)
✓ TomTom Road Trips : Explore the great routes Britain and the World
✓ Bluetooth connection | GPS dimensions: 2.4 x 14.5 x 9 centimeters

Why use a sat nav ?


Today, using a satnav may seem strange, since smartphones are equipped with at least one application with the same function. However, there are advantages to using a real satnav. Here they are. Firstly, using a satnav allow you to be focused on the direction. The sat nav will guide you non-stop, while you might be interrupted with a phone call or a text message with your smartphone. What’s more annoying than missing an exit because of a call?

Secondly and without a doubt, the fact of being able to save the battery of your phone. Be advised that using location function on your phone drain its battery, and there is no guarantee that it won’t it turn off before you arrive. In addition to that, using a sat nav is visually comfortable for you. In fact, the screen is bigger, the information is clearly visible, and it is designed so that you can always have an eye on the road. Speaking of security, it is really better! Finally, the satnav allows you to start from point A and arrive at point B without a detour, without a stop, and above all in complete safety. Very precise, it will update to find the best course for you.

The 10 best-selling sat navs

Picture Poduct Customer reviews Price
1 Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S 83 Customer Reviews 209,00 £
2 TomTom START 25M TomTom START 25M (5 inch) 329 Customer Reviews 167,00 £
3 TomTom Start 42 TomTom Start 42 (4.3 Inch) 152 Customer Reviews 109,99 £
4 Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S Plus Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S Plus 3 Customer Reviews 99,00 £
5 Satnav Bluetooth 7 Inch Satnav Bluetooth 7 Inch 5 Customer Reviews 59,99 £
6 Car Sat Nav 5 Inch with Handsfree Calling Car Sat Nav 5 Inch with Handsfree Calling 30 Customer Reviews 59,99 £
7 SAT NAV for Car 7 inches GPS Lifetime Map SAT NAV for Car 7 inches GPS Lifetime Map 4 Customer Reviews 57,99 £
8 MAPPY Satnav for car ITIE 438 MAPPY Satnav for car ITIE 438 10 Customer Reviews 55,21 £
9 Ayzaw 733 Car Sat Nav Ayzaw 733 Car Sat Nav 2 Customer Reviews 76,99 £
10 CARCHET 5 Inch SatNav Europe CARCHET 5 Inch SatNav Europe 23 Customer Reviews 53,06 £

How to choose your sat-nav ?

You will understand, a satnav has many advantages, but then, how to choose it? Answer ! When you go to a supermarket for a satnav, we quickly realize that it is not evident. Today there are a variety of products of this type on the market, and making a choice is sometimes really complicated. To choose a sat nav, it is necessary to learn about its characteristics. Actually, many criteria should be taken into account.

Traffic Information nd voice control

First of all, you will have to check that the RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information) exist, because it is one of the strong points of the GPS. As a matter of fact, it inform you about the real-time traffic, which is a time saver for the drier. Then, voice control is an essential option for us because it allows you to control the satnav directly with your voice, and keep your hands on the wheel.

trafic information satnaSize of the screen

Finally, everything will obviously depend on the usage, but the size of the screen is also a key factor, because if you use it every day, it is much more pleasant to see the route correctly. Please be advised that, depending on the options on the satnav, the prices may vary between 30 and 500£ !

Photo mode

Another interesting feature is called NavPix by Mio. The latter allows you to create images by taking a picture with your device, and the satnav quickly finds the route, no need for precise address!

Other uses of sat-navs

As mentioned above, the main function of sat nav is to get a driver from point A to point B. But that’s not the only one! Actually, you will be able to follow a specific route , save time and avoid traffic jam. You will also know the required time for your journey, and the arrival time is re-evaluated progressively.

Then, the sat nav constantly displays the speed of your vehicle, and alerts you as soon as you are above the speed limit. In addition to that, it warns you of dangerous points and community alerts. These last ones make it possible to inform all the users of the dangerous areas such as accidents, road works and conditions. Finally, you can integrate the rearview camera if the satnav screen allows it, and get a directory of touristic spot which is a nice option when you’re traveling!