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Best electric unicycles to buy : buying guide

Electric unicycle is a device also called electric unicycle and Segway. It is a product that saves time while traveling while respecting environmental requirement. We encourage you to discover a complete guide to know what is a electric unicycle, and acquire the one that will meet your expectations.

Electric unicycle discounts : models of the moment

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What is an electric unicycle ?

The electric unicycle is a product inspired by the Segway, which has the same features, but differs in design. From an aesthetic point of view, it looks like a big wheel, and provides good stability. The driver stands on the aircraft and moves forward with two pedals. It is a quality product that will allow you to move with ease. It is also known as self-balancing unicycle, gyroscopic wheel, gyroscopic electric wheel or even electric unicycle.

The self-balancing unicycle is a product that was invented by Shane Chen, an American engineer, in 2006. Four years later, he patented the device and launched the first model : the Solowheel. Nowadays, Ninebot, a Chinese manufacturer, bought the company Segway, and became the market leader. In UK, the electric unicycles have been a real success in recent years, and have been sold to almost 14,000 copies.

Top 3 best electric unicycle

InMotion V5F : the best value for money

The first product of our Top 3 is named Inmotion V5F. It is an electric unicycle very simple to handle with a quite remarkable quality-price ratio.

As part of the trilogic range of V5, choosing this product will necessarily be satisfying. In addition to that, its weight of 12 kilos makes it easy to carry, and the 550W motor ensures optimal speed.


We love a lot of things about this product. The first is undoubtedly the 12 kilos weight which makes it easier to use and to store. It is also a very comfortable electric unicycle, which allows to travel long distances thanks to its 550 W motor. Finally, the value is ideal, and the accessories that comes with are significant.


We have found that the grip for feet wears out relatively quickly and the size of the wheels (14 inches) can be disturbing.

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✓ For easy transport, it has a transport trolley provided
✓ Autonomy up to 30Km, maximum speed of 25km / h and 14-inch inflatable wheel
✓ Weight: 12 Kg | Dimensions: 41 x 48.1 x 14.9 cm | Maximum weight allowed: 120 Kg”]

Ninebot One S2 : the high-end model

ninebot one s2The second model that we propose to discover here is the One S2, proposed by the famous brand Ninebot, specialized in this field. With this product, you will be able to have a remarkable performances, with an autonomy of 30 km and a speed of 24 km/h.It is one of the fastest electric unicycles available on the market, making it a real personal transport.


We love the lightness, the accessories and the quality of the product. Indeed, we can carry it easily and quickly. Above all, the electric unicycle is of an irreproachable quality.

The lateral foam is very well thought to prevent from damage in case of fall or sidestand. We also like the speed as well as the autonomy up to 30 km for the model.


The only weak point we can point out is the price. However, we can quickly understand why it is sold at such a high price when analyzing the performance.

[aawp box=”B01LZVXU6P” title=”Ninebot One S2″ description=”✓ It comes with a headlight and rear lights, an integrated trolley, non-slip feet and lateral foam
✓ The circuit system of Ninebot One S2 is hermetically sealed and provides IP54 rated protection
✓ Autonomy up to 30Km, maximum speed of 24 km/h and 14-inch inflatable wheel
✓ Weight: 11.4 Kg | Dimensions: 17.5 x 45.3 x 47.5 cm  | Maximum weight allowed: 120 Kg”]

InMotion V8 : the mid-range performance

The last electric unicycle is the InMotion V8. With only 14 kg, you will be able to store and use your product easily and quickly. In addition to that, it has a retractable handle to facilitate storage and allow the user to be comfortably installed. Regarding the speed, the device can go up to 30 km/h, a great performance to enjoy a nice ride.


The three benefits we have found on this product are: speed, weight and value. Indeed, by choosing this gyro, it can cover up to 40 km distance, and its light weight makes it easy to carry. Regarding the quality-price ratio, this is one of the best available on the market. Incredible performance for less than 800£.


The only drawback we have found is the autonomy of the product. Indeed, the device uses a lot of energy and must therefore be recharged relatively often.

[aawp box=”B01N0MUH0R” title=”InMotion V8 Gyro with 40km of Autonomy and Wheels 16 inches” description=”✓ The V8 monoshock offers a sliding handle to easily carry it as if it were a suitcase
✓ It has a lithium battery of 72V and 6.4Ah, for a charging time of 4h30
✓ Autonomy up to 40Km, maximum speed of 30km / h and inflatable wheel of 16 inches
✓ Weight: 13,8 Kg | Dimensions: 53.8 x 46.2 x 14.8 cm 41 x 48.1 x 14.9 cm | Maximum weight allowed: 120 Kg”]

How to choose an electric unicycle ?

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Size of the wheel and power

On the market, you will notice that there are different size of wheel : 10 inches for models intended for children, and between 14 and 18 inches for adults. The power of the engine is a criterion not to be overlooked because it determines the speed of the device.  It is usually expressed in Watts, but if it is difficult for you to find out, do not hesitate to rely on the speed announced by the sign. In case of doubt, you can also ask a seller, who will guide you and inform you as it should.


To use or store your electric unicycle, you will have to lift it. Thus, the weight is a criterion to be taken into account. We recommend you to choose for a lightweight product that has a handlebar, because it will make the job easier. Turn to electric unicycles that weigh no more than fifteen kilos.

Charging time and autonomy

Charging time can vary between 40 minutes and 5 hours! It all depends on the battery, the quality, and the autonomy of the device. Note that, this criterion will depend on your use: if you use the electric unicycle for short distances, a small autonomy will be enough. On the other hand, if you plan to make longer ride, turn rather towards a product with a very good autonomy!


The speed of the electric unicycle depends on the brand, model and engine of the equipment. Few goes up to 18 km/h, while others can go up to 25 km/h. The stronger the engine, the faster the gyro can go. Note that in urban areas, you can not exceed 20 km/h. Thus, if you plan to use the device only in the city, you do not need to take an electric unicycle that goes too fast!


Few electric unicycles are sold as a package, with accessories included. These might be interesting or not, depending on your use, but we recommend you to check this point that can still be interesting.

The 10 most sold models of electric unicycles

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Why buy an electric unicycle ?

gyroroue en action

Most users of electric unicycles are passionate about new technologies, but not only! Indeed, it is a product that attracts many people, regardless of age that has manage to assertively position itself on the market. It allows you to move freely and quickly. Operating with an electric motor, you will not pollute the planet, perfect for eco-friendly people!

What is the average price of an electric unicycle ?

The electric unicycle has arrived on the market quite recently. Thus, the price of these products is quite expensive, and depends on the models. You can for example find entry-level devices between 600 and 1000 £, but if you want to have a powerful product with more specific features, it will take more than 1200 £.