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Best hoverboards to buy : buying guide

The hoverboard is a device that will make your travel easier and is within the reach of all. Do you want to save time and buy a hoverboard ? This is a godsend buying guide for you.

Indeed, we suggest you discover below a guide that will allow you to choose the model that will meet all your expectations.

Hoverboards discounted : offers to discover

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Top 5 best hoverboards

Bluefin Children’s Classic : the hoverboard the most sold

1ercool and fun 1The Bluefin Children’s Classic Self Balancing Scooter is a overboard which costs a little more than 300 £.

It comes with a maximum of features, it has a very interesting design, which is close to an army vehicle. The wheels here are 6.5 inches, and consist of a scratch-resistant coating, which absorb shocks.

You will also find a support for the feet, allowing to be comfortably installed throughout your ride.

It’s one of the most powerful and solid hoverboards on the market today.

✅ Pros

This model is stand out by its light weight and large 6.5-inch wheels ideal for any type of terrain. Due to the large diameter of these wheels, it offers perfect stability and above all excellent reliability to the user.

? Cons

We did not notice any major disadvantages except for the slightly high price. Nevertheless, few users point out the lack of power at times.

[aawp box=”B06XKRGN3P” title=”Bluefin Children’s Classic Self Balancing Scooter” description=”✓ Hoverboard with 6.5-inch wheels with solid tyres charged in 2 hours
✓ LED lighting + Bluetooth music function
✓ High Performance Samsung Battery 4.5 A/h | High level of self-balance.
✓ Total allowable load from 40 to 100 kg | Autonomy of 17 km with full charge”]

Mega Motion X-strong : the all-terrain hoverboard

numéro 2Evercross Phantom10The hoverboard Mega Motion X-strong is an all terrain hoverboard. It has 8.5-inch wheels, and can go up to 15 km/h.

About 14 kg, you can take it everywhere with you, after 2 to 3 hours of charge.

The autonomy is from 15 to 20 km, and the model is sold at the price of 270£.

✅ Pros

The advantages of this Mega Motion X-strong model are its water resistance, excellent battery life and relatively light weight. It also offers good speed for the category and an excellent value for money .

? Cons

You can note a weak performance for steep slope.

[aawp box=”B079SXQZ68″ title=”Mega Motion X-strong Hoverboard with 8.5 inch wheels” description=”✓ Electric hoverboard with self-balancing type Segway and two 350W motors
✓ Micro-processor with advanced technology that can control the electronic balance
✓ Maximum load capacity of 120 kg | High end battery
✓ CE certified models | Range of 20 km | LED lighting”]

Test winner* 6.5″ Self Balance Board : best value for money

3èmecool and fun 2The hoverboard Test Winner* is one of the devices that offers the best value for money. With two 6.5-inch wheels, you can go for a ride of 15 to 20 km.

Can go up to 15 km/h, it is important to know that this product resists water, and can climb a slope of 36 degrees. It is sold at a price of 210£, so it will be difficult to find cheaper on the market!

✅ Pros

Just like its predecessor, it is resistant to water, has a very good autonomy and above all an excellent price-quality ratio!

? Cons

The only default that can be attributed to the product is the power which is a little fair and wheels that are not suitable for any type of activity.

[aawp box=”B0755FT4CY” title=”Test winner* 6.5″ Self Balance Board” description=”✓ Hoverboard type Segway with 2 engines and a total power of 700W
✓ LED lighting and up to 100kg admissible
✓ Free transport bag and remote control
✓ 4.4Ah CE certified lithium battery | Maximum speed of 15 km/h | 1 year warranty”]

Taagway Fun 6.5 “electric skateboard : the versatile

4èmetaagway hoverboardThe hoverboard Taagway Fun , has an excellent value for money, just like the previous model. Ensuring a pleasant and intuitive driving, it is equipped with the gyroscopic system.

By choosing this product, you can have fun doing 360-degree rotations.
Note that, this model comes with small LEDS, allowing you to walk safely at night.

✅ Pros

It is an electric Segway that produces remarkable power allowing it to reach a high speed and be able to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

? Cons

The negative point of the product is the longer charging time for full charge of the batteries.

Nilox Doc Plus UL : the new one

top5niloxThe last hoverboard that we would like to introduce is marketed by the Nilox brand. It stand out from other hoverboard thanks to its remarkable maneuverability and its very powerful battery.

Equipped with two wheels 6.5 inches, you can enjoy a ride up to 20 km at a 10 km/h speed maximum. In the package, there are the device, but also stickers, protections, the charger and a bag for transportation.

You will be immediately equipped to go for a ride. By relying on this type of product, you can enjoy long hours of ride with friends or family safely.

✅ Pros

The Nilox offers the possibility to put music, an incredible maneuverability and a powerful battery. There is also the possibility to convert the hoverboard into kart with the DOC Kart accessories.

? Cons

The only negative point we can highlight is the speed, since 10 km / h can quickly become unsatisfactory.

[aawp box=”B0753DP4HZ” title=”Nilox DOC Hoverboard UL 2272″ description=”✓ Hoverboard with a maximum speed of 10 km / h and 6.5 inch diameter wheels
✓ Maximum climb angle of 15 degrees and speed up to 10 km / h
✓ Charging time of two hours for 20 km of autonomy
✓ Weight 10 kg | Dimensions: 58.4 x 18.6 x 17.8 cm | ABS and PC material”]

What is a hoverboard ?

A hoverboard looks a little like a skateboard: a board and wheels, but does not have the same features. It is a product that is composed of a big wheel at each end of a tray, and offers a fast mode of movement.

Electric and self-balancing, it is very popular among young people and adults who want to save time while moving. Usually small, most products can go up to 15 km/h, but when you are in an urban environment, do not go beyond 6 km/h.

The principle is simple: the user leans forward or backward to drive forward or stop the product. Rechargeable, a light indicator emit a signal to let you know when you need to worry about the level of the battery so that you won’t have any risk of crash.

How to choose a hoverboard ?

The size of the wheels

The size of the wheels depends on the models. Indeed, the majority of hoverboards comes with a 6.5-inch wheels, models less excessive in terms of budget, and which are designed only for trips in the city.

But some models offer 10-inch wheels, and can be used to ride a sidewalk, or others. Note that, all terrain hoverboards are available, allowing you to move everywhere without any problem.

So, everything depends on what you want to do. If it is only to move in the city, it is useless to choose for bigger wheels.


It is important to check the battery life and the type of battery it uses. This criterion is usually announced in terms of kilometers you can achieve with the hoverboard. Everything depends on your expectations!


On the market, there are low-end models, with one or two buttons to turn it on and off, but also high-end models that comes with various functions: bluetooth, music, etc. Do not hesitate to check them out, because some are really interesting!

The authorized weight

We strongly recommend that you check the maximum weight supported by the hoverboard you have chosen. Most of them does not support a weight more than 100 kg.

Where to buy a hoverboard ?

homme sur hoverboard

We strongly recommend you to buy your hoverboard from a certified and verified brand in France. Indeed, sometimes, you can find counterfeits product, which can be really dangerous for the user.

Before the purchase you must be informed as needed on the origin of the device not to have a bad surprise.

What is the price of a hoverboard ?

As mentioned before, the price of a hoverboard can vary, depending on the model and the brand. If you choose a device with 10-inch wheels, it will necessarily be more expensive than a hoverboard with 6.5-inch wheels.

We advise you to pay attention to the quality of the products that are sold below 150£ because the performances can be really disappointing.

The 10 best electric hoverboards of this year

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You could discover different models of hoverboard on the market. The selection criteria depend on your expectations and your desires. We hope in any case that we have been able to inform you precisely, and we wish you a great adventure with this device!