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Best air compressors : review and buying guide

Whether for your car wheels or any other equipment, we often need to inflate objects for our use. The air compressor is a very useful product in everyday life and can solve many problems. Below is our buying guide and tips that will help you choose from the wide range on the market.

Air compressor discounts : the best offers

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Why buy an air compressor?

An air compressor is an indispensable product for all DIYers. Indeed, it is a device that allows you to perform different daily tasks in a simple and effective way.

So, purchasing an air compressor will simply make your life easier. By compressing the air instantly and storing it in the tub, it will allow you to inflate your tires, your nautical equipment or to do painting work for example.

Top 5 best air compressors at low prices

P.I. Auto Store Air Compressor : the high-performance portable model

1erpi-auto-store air compressorThe brand P.I Auto Store is well famous in the compressor world. This model is portable, it is a compressor without a container and thanks to the wheels on it, you can move it with ease. The product has an impressive power and is very easy to use.

✅ Pros

The air compressor has many pros, including these three. The first is its power that is very impressive and that will allow you to perform any type of work, and with ease.

Then the second is related to its usability. Certainly, you will master the product in no time and you will not be able to do without.

Finally, its portable system composed of wheels which allow you to take it it wherever you want it, rather handy, isn’t ?

? Cons

Like all products of this type, the device has cons, such as the price. As a matter of fact, the air compressor P.I Auto Store is a bit expensive, but you should know that you can find many discount on web.

[aawp box=”B074G1BRWH” title=”P.I. Auto Store Tyre Inflator – Dual Electric Power” description=”
✓ Perfect equipment for home with 2 motors. Compact heavy duty housing manufactured from tough thermoplastic
✓ Power source can be from any 12 V DC outlet OR from any wall 240 volt AC outlet
✓ Maximum working pressure 100 Psi | Fused to 15 amp
✓ Inflate to a maximum of 100 Psi | 2 years warranty”]

Black & Decker ASI300 : the portable low price

numéro 2black+decker asi300This model is one of the most advanced of the brand Black + Decker. With an excellent quality-price ratio, this product is really accessible, very easy to use and allows you to perform all types of tasks with its 11 bar pressure.

✅ Pros

The items proposed here by the Black+Decker brand offers a quality-price ratio appreciated by users.

In addition to that, it is very easy to use, and with its relatively compact size, you can easily store it. Finally, his performance is quite remarkable.

? Cons

The only weak point that we could find on this product is its level of decibels. It is a rather noisy air compressor, which can be disturbing if you use it regularly.

[aawp box=”B003A5ZBY2″ title=”Black & Decker ASI300-QS 12v or 220v – 11 bar” description=”
✓ It works by connecting to the cigarette light socket 12v or the domestic power outlet.
✓ It has an automatic shutdown for accurate results | Digital display with luminous screen
✓ It is very powerful to realize the most demanding inflation tasks
✓ Weight: 2.76 kg | Pressure up to 11 bar | Noise level: 84 dB | Dimensions: 30.5 x 17.2 x 21 cm”]

ParkerBrand Richmond 24L Air Compressor – 2.5 HP : versatile bowl model

3èmeRichmond air compressorThis air compressor is a very resilient product that has a 115 PSI output. High performance for a tank model of these dimensions, it has a 2.5 HP engine and will meet all your expectations.

✅ Pros

What we like about this product is its capacity, which is 24 liters. And its power of 1500W that is very suitable for most of the daily work.

Moreover, the quality and reliability of the device is simply infallible, and its lifetime is really significant.

? Cons

Despite the wheels on this product, it can be sometimes difficult to transport it. This is the only negative point we have noticed.

[aawp box=”B018QOKU38″ title=”ParkerBrand Richmond 24L Air Compressor 2.5 HP and 1.5 KW” description=”✓ Ideal model for blowing, inflating, washing, nailing or painting with a tank of 24 Liters.
✓ The Richmond is a lubricated device with a forming head and an aluminum-cast iron cylinder
✓ Powerful 2,5 HP motor (1500w) suitable for all types of work
✓ Weight: 29 Kg | 9.6 CFM Air Displacement”]

Revolution’Air 425005 Miny : small yet powerful

4èmerevolutionair miny 425005This forth one is proposed by the famous brand Revolution’Air, well-known as one of the best on the market in this field.

This model is very easy to use and to carry. It has a very good power of 1100W, and will meet all your expectations on a daily basis.

✅ Pros

What we love about this product is the performance of the device. Indeed, it is a top air compressor, with its 1.5HP engine that will help you to achieve in no time the daily tasks.

We also like the fact that it is portable with two weels, which is convenient and allows to carry it easily.

? Cons

Only one weak point to raise for this item is the price. In fact, it is a bit expensive compares to other manufacturer.

[aawp box=”B0052WQGTK” title=”Revolution’Air 425005 Miny – Portable Compressor 1.5 HP” description=”✓ Model with 2 reels, 1 for the electric cable and 1 for the 3m compressed air hose
✓ Oil-free and maintenance-free model | Pressure up to 7 bar
✓ It is practical as it includes nozzle inflation storage.
✓ Power 1100 Watts | Dimensions: 16.5 x 34.5 x 31.7 cm | Flow rate: 85 liters per minute”]

Mecafer 425090 50 L 2HP fifty : the vertical model

top5mecafer 425090The last product we encourage you to discover is the Mecafer 425090. Bright red color, it is an innovative device that is very simple in its features, but really powerful.

We recommend it because it is a practical model with a vertical tank of 50 liters that does not take up space and offers a good quality-price ratio.

✅ Pros

The first benefits you can get from this device is undoubtedly its 50L large tank.

Then, the power which is one of its strong point: 1500 Watts that ensures a perfect performance whatever the work is.

Finally, the quality and finish of this item give it a nice points.

? Cons

The price, that is rather high, is the only weak point we can raise. But, it is greatly outweighed by performance.

[aawp box=”B00ANJH416″ title=”Mecafer 425090 Fifty – Compressor tank 50 L | 2 HP” description=”✓ This compressor offers a tank of 50 Liters and a 2 HP motor for 1500W power
✓ This is the ideal model to blow, inflate, wash, staple, screw / unscrew or paint
✓ It offers a manometer and regulator within reach + a tool holder
✓ Maximum pressure of 10 bar | Flow of 125 liters per minute | Dimensions: 47 x 62 x 54 cm”]

How to choose an air compressor?

The power

The first criterion to take into account when purchasing, is the power. Indeed, the performance of the product is related to it such as expelled air flow during use. It is indicated with the term “HP” (Horse Power). The higher the number, the more efficient the device.

The capacity

choose air compressorThe second criterion that is important in choosing an air compressor, is the capacity of the device. In this case, everything depends on your needs.

For example, an air compressor with a tank of 10 liters will be sufficient if you use it from time to time. Instead, for daily work, you will rather opt for a capacity of 50 liters minimum.

The flow

The higher the airflow, the faster your air compressor will inflate your equipment.

Indicated in liters per minute, it is a key to consider when purchasing.


It is important to buy a model that offers sufficient pressure. As a matter of fact, it is strongly recommended to opt for a product that displays a pressure higher than 6 bar, to have a suitable product efficiency.

Portable or not?

Depending on the brands and products available on the market, you can find either portable compressors or tank compressors. As suggested, the portable model makes it easy to carry, especially thanks to the light weight and carrying handle. On the other hand, air compressors on tanks are more powerful.

Brand and reliability

A quality air compressor is quite expensive. Well, you can find products at a lower price, but if the performance is not there, the interest is lower.

It is therefore recommended to opt for devices proposed by well-known brands in this field, such as Black + Decker, P.I Auto Store or ParkerBrand for example. Actually, their products ensure a quality performance, and a long lifetime. Feel free to check customer reviews online for some tips and answers to your questions.

What are the types of air compressor?

types of air compressors

On the market, there are three types of air compressor available, each with its features and performances.
→ The first is the portable air compressor, which can be easily transported, but is limited in performance.
→ The second is the monocylinder that is intended for intensive use, and is relatively efficient.
→ The last one is the bi-cylindrical air compressor, which is for professional use. Pretty noisy, but very effective! The choice depends on your needs and your desires. It’s up to you!

Top 10 Best Portable Air Compressors

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