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The best pressure washers for your car or garden

If you want to clean all the dirt from your patio, your car or your garden, without making any effort, then you need at all costs a pressure washer. There are more and more brands on the market, and that lead us to write this buying guide. It will help you to choose the model that suits you, whatever your budget.

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Top 5 best pressure washers to buy

Karcher K2 Compact : the first price cleaner

1erkarcher k2 compactThe Karcher brand is one of the most famous brand in this field. This model is one of the cheapest on the market, but yet has great performance.

It offers a flow of 360 liters per hour, a pressure of 100 bars, and a pipe of 4 meters.

It is a device that will allow you to clean perfectly your patio or your vehicle.
Weighing only 4 kg, you can carry it with ease. Be advised that the engine is relatively powerful with its 1400 watts.

If we talk about the quality level, the product is simply outstanding.

✅ Pros

Karcher K2 Compact is a low budget but effective product. It is powerful, has a very good flow, correct pressure and is easy to store.

? Cons

It comes up with few accessories. Depending on your needs, the accessories must be ordered separately.

[aawp box=”B009QX8ANQ” title=”Kärcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer” description=”✓ Ideal product for occasional use on light dirt with high pressure
✓ Maximum pressure of 110 bar, maximum flow of 360 L / h and 1400 Watts power.
✓ K2 recommended surface area ≈ 20m² / h
✓ Lightweighted with its 4 Kg | High pressure hose 3 m | Power cable 5 m”]

Bosch AQT 3713 : German quality at a low price

numéro 2bosh AQT37-13

The AQT 3713 model is offered by Bosch, a well-known brand in this field of activity, thanks in particular to its quality and durable products. This one offers a pressure of 130 bar, and is really compact.

Easy to store, with a 1900 watts power, and offers many features. Regarding the accessories sold in the package, they are satisfying, but we would have preferred to have more such as flat jet nozzle, rotating nozzle, a lance, a water filter and a detergent tank.

✅ Pros

This Bosch cleaner is easy to store thanks to a compact size, it has several tips and an impressive power for regular cleaning.

? Cons

Like its competitor Karcher, it is sold with few accessories.

[aawp box=”B06XCYN7G6″ title=”Bosch ATQ 3713 high pressure washer” description=”✓ Innovative cleaning performance with a 3-in-1 nozzle
✓ Easy manipulation thanks to the quick couplers and accessories.
✓ Maximum pressure 130 bar, power consumption 1700 W and maximum flow 370 L / h
✓ Pipe length 6 m | Cable length 5 m | Weight 6.53 kg”]

Nilfisk C 120 Pressure washer : small but powerful

3èmeNilfisk C 120

This high-pressure washer has many qualities: a power of 1400 watts, a pressure of 105 bars and a 5 meters pipe. This allows you to wash your vehicle with ease and comfort.

This model has an attractive price compared to previous models, especially since it is more complete and has a suffiscient power.

✅ Pros

It is made of aluminum, comes up with many accessories. This model is efficient, compact and offers a long pipe to avoid having to move the device constantly.

? Cons

The only weak point in the long run is that if you pull the pipe too much, there is a risk of water leaks.

[aawp box=”B01MSYCQ8N” title=”Pressure washer Nilfisk C 120″ description=”✓ Perfect product for occasional domestic cleaning (car, bike, floor, wall, roof …)
✓ Ergonomically adjustable gun 360 °, maximum flow of 440L / h
✓ Power of 1400 W and pressure of 105 bars | Weight 5.5 kg
✓ 5 years warranty | Metal pump and steel pistons | Dimensions 24 x 19 x 54.6 cm”]

Karcher K4 Full Control : the best value for money

4èmekarcher K4 Full control

This K4 Full Control model from Karcher is very similar to the Bosch in terms of performance. However, the accessories are more complete: handle, washer, spear, 5 meter stretch hose, tips, and bottle of reusable detergent.

The only thing that you need to worry about is that you will have to assemble it yourself, but rest assured, the instruction manual is very well done.

About the performance, as we told you previously, there is nothing to add, this one is impeccable : 130 bar power.

✅ Pros

We appreciate its high power, the multiple accessories, the setting wheel and its value.

? Cons

When you receive your package, you will probably be disappointed, because it will be necessary to assemble it yourself. The instruction manual is still very well done, which makes it easier.

[aawp box=”B0198VLMLC” title=”Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer 1800 Watt” description=”✓ New design with incomparable usability, including rewinder and Full Control handle
✓ Water cooled induction motor | A LED screen indicating in real time pressure
✓ Maximum pressure of 130 bar, maximum flow of 420 L / hour and a power of 1800 watts
✓ Weight of 11,42 kg | 6 m pipe length | Hourly performance of 30m / h”]

Kärcher K7 : the high-end model

top5Karcher k7This product is one of the most powerful on the market. It is sold at a relatively affordable price considering its high performance and looks very much like the K4 model.

The difference with the K4, is that you do not have to assemble it yourself which is nice.

With 180 bars of pressure, and a flow rate of 600 liters per hour, you have an impeccable quality-price ratio product with the Karcher K7. Note that there is a rewinder on the back to easily store the hose.

✅ Pros

First of all, we greatly appreciate its flow and its gigantic pressure. Despite its performance, it remains easy to use and is especially compact.

? Cons

There are two weak points given its price: firstly the weight (18 Kg) and the accessories sold separately.

[aawp box=”B01N9FGY0P” title=”Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control 3000W Pressure Washer” description=”✓ The K7 Premium Full Control is suitable for all situations and is ideal for frequent use
✓ It offers an adjustable pressure from 20 to 180 bar, a maximum flow of 600 L / h
✓ It comes up with a Home Kit with a T-Racer 450 | Recommended surface ≈ 60m² / h
✓ Weight 18,01 kg | Rewinder with 10 m high pressure hose | Lance Vario Power 3-in-1″]

What is a pressure washer ?

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to clean the patio, car and exterior walls. But with only a brush, it is a long and complicated task. That’s why it is better to opt for a pressure washer.

It is an interesting device that adapts to all cleaning work, and is very effective.

The manipulation is quite simple, it increases the flow of water while reducing the outlet diameter. The water that comes out of the washer can go up to 200 bar for the most valuable ones.

How to choose a pressure washer ?

how choose pressure washerYou will find below few creteria to consider when buying your pressure washer. It is important to check these features to make sure you choose the right model.


The pressure of a high-pressure washer is one of the first criteria to take into account. It is indicated in bars, and the higher the number, the greater the power of the jet.

If you just want to clean your patio for example, a product of less than 150 bar will be enough.

The flow

The water flow of this type of appliance is expressed in liters per hour, and the larger the number, the less you will have to work. For small jobs, a flow of 350 liters per hour is more than enough.

The power

Power is another key point to take into account, and depends on the way you use it.

Indeed, if you intend to use the high-pressure washer intensively, it is better to take a device with a power of more than 1400 watts minimum. If so, a lower power will be good enough.

The noise

The noise made by the high-pressure cleaner can be inconvenient for the neighborhood, but also for you. Of course, do not expect to find a totally silent device, since your goal is to clean with minimal power.

The sound of the product is indicated in decibels, and the lower the number, the less noisy the device will be.


It is essential to take care of your pressure washer, maintaining it after each use. Therefore, we recommend that you opt for an easy-to-clean product, even if some have extensive warranties.

Accessories and options

The last thing to consider is the functionality of the product and its accessories. In few packsages, multiple accessories are provided with the device, but in others, you might need to buy them separately.

Brushes, spears, auto accessories, aerators, rotating heads, there are a lot of them.

How much does a pressure washer cost?

The price of a high-pressure cleaner depends on the model, the brand, but also the use you have of it. Entry-level models cost around 75£, but the most advanced models can be more expensive.

If you want to buy a high-end device, you will need to turn to high-performance products, therefore more expensive.

10 most popular pressure washers

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We hope that this article helped you to find all the answers to your questions, and that you can now buy a product that will meet your expectations. If you ever have a doubt about the model that interests you, do not hesitate to ask a professional who will guide you.