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Best Dyson fans : top desktop and tower coolers to buy

The Dyson fan is a three-in-one device with an air-purifying mode, perfect for people who suffer from allergies.

Proposing a heating function, this silent fan can be used both in summer and winter. Today, it is one of the best products available on the market, thanks to its air flow of up to 180 liters per second.

Don’t wait any longer to check our advice to make your choice with ease!

Dyson fan discounts : the best offers

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Comparative Dyson fans : our 3 favorites

The Dyson brand was founded in 1991 by James Dyson. It has implemented several products, including fans.

Below, you will find a comparison of three products currently available on the market. In each sheet, we present the fan, the advantages and disadvantages and finally, the price.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link : the usable throughout the year

Dyson pure hot and cool1er

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is one of the best products of the brand because it is multifunctional. In fact, it heats the air in winter, ventilates it in summer, and purifies it whenever needed.

Thus, the user can get clean air and a perfect temperature of the rooms every day. Note that it also captures odors, and eliminates 99.95% of allergens, even the smallest ones.

Featuring a Jet Focus mode, the device sends air in one direction. In addition to that, it is a connected fan that can be controlled directly from a smartphone. Furthermore, it is a very quit fan with its 64dB.

Finally, it is a product that is relatively light, allowing the user to move it as he please.

✅ Pros

  • The adaptability: you can use it as a fan, but also as a heater
  • It include remote control: this accessory gives comfort to the user as it can control the fan directly from the sofa or any place
  • The original design


  • The expensive price: powerful and quality guaranted, the price is considered to be a bit high
  • The size: few users consider the size as a bit extreme.

[aawp box=”B01LZUATE2″ title=”Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Gray” description=”✓ Purifies, heats and ventilates intelligently, eliminating 99.95% of allergens
✓ The Dyson Air Purifier has a 360 ° fiberglass HEPA filter
✓ Destroy harmful odors and smokes | Diameter of the base: 222mm
✓ 2000 Watts power | Noise level: 63 dB | weight 3.98 Kg”]

Dyson AM09 : the optimal power

Dyson AM09numéro 2This model named Dyson AM09 is one of the last marketed by the brand. Presenting a ventilation technology identical to its predecessors, it is very efficient and offers a very good value for money.

Equipped with dual fan and heating, it comes with several diverter so that the air can be distributed to different routes. This innovation is called the Jet Focus technology.

This model can be used as an auxiliary heater since it is equipped with a ceramic plate system. The integrated thermostat allows to measure the temperature in the rooms in real time.

Finally, you will find a digital temperature indicator at the base of the swivel foot.

✅ Pros

  • No visible blades and heating elements, thus ensuring safety
  • Easy cleaning which will extend device’s lifetime
  • Outstanding performance, with 30 Watts cold ventilation and 2000 Watts hot ventilation
  • Jet Focus function
  • Remote control included, allowing a good control of the fan.


  • The price: it is a very good product, so necessarily, it is a bit expensive. This is the only negative point we found here. The price is around 340 £.

[aawp box=”B00Y4Z2TGA” title=”Dyson AM09 – Blower and fan heater” description=”✓ Blower fan and heater with Air Multiplier technology in White and Silver color
✓ Airflow at maximum power: 186 l / s | Temperature setting from 1 to 37 degrees
✓ Temperature adjustment in steps from 1 to 37 degrees
✓ The AM09 draws up to 28 L of air / second | Noise level: 64 dB | weight 2.7 Kg”]

Dyson AM06 : the affordable fan

Dyson AM063èmeDyson AM06 is a fan that offers a unique feature. Actually, it allows the device to distribute fresh air, which increases the air intensity in the room.

It uses much less energy than the Dyson AM01 model and is also much quieter.

Its very nice and attractive design is one of the product’s strong points according to the users, and it comes with a remote control for simple and effective use.

Finally, the model is very performant and provides a really good ventilation to the user. This is a great value for this entry-level model by Dyson.

✅ Pros

  • A remarkable performance, which makes it possible to place the product among the best on the market
  • Easy cleaning, thus extending the lifetime of the device
  • An original design that set the product apart from other station
  • Remote control included. Therefore, you can control the device directly from your sofa, and thanks to a magnet effect, you just have to put it on it
  • Sound level: The fan emits little noise when it is running.


  • The only drawback we noticed is like the previous model: the price. Indeed, users believe that the device is a bit expensive.

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✓ Remote control with 10 positions for precise adjustment of the airflow
✓ Up to 75% quieter than AM01 and 40% less energy consumed
✓ 26W usage only | Noise level: 57 dB | Weight 3 Kg”]

The 5 best Dyson fans on the market

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Dyson fan or air conditioner ?

An air conditioner can cool the air temperature, unlike a fan, regardless of its power.

But a fan Dyson still brings other benefits, including portability, quiet noise level, usability or energy saving.
Actually, you can move it from one room to another in just a few seconds, and it takes much less space than an air conditioner.

How does a Dyson fan work ?

how work fan

A Dyson fan is made from a nine-bladed motor that propels air into the product. These can absorb up to 27 liters of air per second, depending on the manufacturer.

The air passes through a channel to a hollow tube, which acts as a rail. Therefore, the air flows along the rail and goes to the back of the device. Finally, the air flows along the tube and goes out from the front.

How to clean a Dyson fan ?

how clean dyson fan

To increase a Dyson fan lifetime, you should take care about the machine and clean it regularly. Unlike a conventional fan, the blades of the Dyson model are invisible, making cleaning easier. In this case, you just need a moistened cloth without any product and past it along the ring, once a month.

Through this article, we quickly introduced you to the Dyson brand, as well as some of its products.

We hope you have found all the information you are looking for, and that you can quickly purchase the fan that will meet your expectations.