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Floor plan software : its characteristics

Real estate, construction and home design fields are fond of efficient and easy-to-use softwares which aim is to help the customer visualize himself in a new house, or with a brand new interior design. A good floor plan software permits reaching this goal. But how does it works? Today’s article looks over this kind of software and its characteristics.

What’s the specificities of a floor plan software?

As its name suggests, the floor plan software permits to generate the floor plans of an habitation. It’s a visual tool in which every detail can be personalized: textures of the flooring and walls materials, furnitures… This drawing with scale sizes and dimension lines helps the customer understand the position of the rooms and their proportion into the house / apartment. All plans can always be generated 2D (view from above) and most of the time, 3D.

Showing a 3D floor plan is a great part of the sales process, even if this is more like a conceptual starting rendering (it will change until the last version and in real life). Also, those plans are reliable and high quality, so they can easily be printed or added to your website or your social media’s accounts. Sharing some of the projects you were working on helps increase your brand awareness and the trust capital of your potential customers. In this context, choosing a reliable floor plan software has never been so important!

Cedreo’s floor plan software: all about efficiency, the easiest way


In the volume of floor plan software, some are more reliable than the others. You should consider every option before choosing the right one. For instance, Cedreo’s floor plan software is an example of efficiency. Emphasis is given to a number of key features and especially to the intuitive character of the interface. Also, this software is really easy-to-use: time is saved by the importation of floor plans or the automatic roofing feature, for example. Once added, those are of course customizables: mono-pitched, flat, ridges… As a result, plotting and customization of home floor plans is so simple!

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Cedreo’s floor plan software also provides an online account in which are centralized all the customer’s informations and the related project. Those can be shared with other operatives. You can test Cedreo for free. Why don’t you try?